How does it work?

Send us your bitcoins, and we send you back coins that are completely disconnected from your trail of transactions, making it harder to link your identity with your transactions and holdings. Simple!

When do I get my clean bitcoins?

Clean, fresh bitcoins will be delivered to your address after 1 confirmation unless you choose a delayed payment. In that case, the delay countdown starts once your incoming transaction has 1 confirmation.

What does it cost?

We take a 0.0 % service fee plus a 0.00002 BTC per payout address transaction fee.

Do you have minimum or maximum mix amounts?

We don't mix amounts lower than 0.002 BTC, and the current maximum is 230.0 BTC.

Does Bitcoin Laundry keep logs?

At Bitcoin Laundry, you have the option to delete all records of your mix right away. If you don't choose to delete your mix from our records right away, we keep logs for seven days to provide customer support. After seven days all logs are deleted automatically. Please note that if you have deleted your mix our User Support team may be unable to assist you, so we highly recommend waiting until your mix has arrived at your receiving address before deleting it.

What happens if something goes wrong?

If there's a problem with your mix or you think something isn't working the way it should, please use our support page to get in touch with Bitcoin Laundry user support. Our team is committed to making sure you have a top-notch experience with our service.