It's been a tough week for bitcoin mixers! With one popular bitcoin tumbler forcibly shut down by authorities and another quietly closing with no explanation, it's getting harder to find safe reliable bitcoin mixing services that can ensure the privacy and security of your bitcoin holdings.

Bitcoin Laundry has your back. We are strong believers in cryptocurrency and financial privacy, so when you need fresh bitcoins you can count on us. Because we understand the importance of the service we offer, we are constantly investing in the security of our operations to stay online for you. This means regular tests of our systems, hacker-resistant protocols, and a proactive approach to improving our service. As regulators get smarter about tracing transactions, it's more important than ever to make sure your coins are squeaky clean.

The Role of a Bitcoin Mixer

Remember, mixers are not a sign of criminal activity, and a serious approach to privacy doesn’t mean you have something to hide. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable publishing your bank statements, then you need a reliable bitcoin mixer. We want to be a resource for your online anonymity at every step before, during, and after the mixing process. Our other blog articles cover topics such as purchasing bitcoin anonymously, how to achieve the most secure mix possible, and tips for protecting your privacy when making a transaction. Mixing your bitcoin is an important step in your online security routine, but it’s not the only thing that keeps you safe, and we want our users to be as informed as possible about best practices that reinforce each other for top-level anonymity and security.
We encourage you to review our other blog posts for more information about bitcoin regulations and our recommendations for best practices to keep your bitcoins anonymous.

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The Bitcoin Laundry Team