As you know by now, Bitcoin does not offer complete anonymity and all your transactions on the blockchain can be tracked. For more information about While there are certainly privacy coin options out there for making anonymous payments, there are still many situations where you want to remain anonymous while sending bitcoin, not Monero or Zcash or some other coin. It's great that these coins exist, but they're not always the most convenient choice.

This leads to the question, how can you send bitcoin anonymously when it has no built-in privacy? The first thing you should do, of course, is check our blog article on buying bitcoin anonymously. Privacy protocols ideally begin from the moment you acquire your bitcoin. However, we know it's not always possible or practical. Most of the time, people want to use BTC that they have received from someone else or bought on an exchange. That's when you need a reliable Bitcoin tumbler. Bitcoin Laundry is here to help with that! When you send your coins to our bitcoin mixing service, we make sure your coins are squeaky clean and untraceable. As a final step, make sure you send the coins to an address you've never used before. Once your coins have gone through a mix and reached your new address, it's virtually impossible to connect your coins to your identity.
Using a bitcoin mixer like Bitcoin Laundry is a vital step to protecting your online identity and financial privacy. Tax agencies, governments, and law-enforcement officials rely on blockchain analysis to track down bitcoin and other cryptocurrency users. You never know what kind of activities your bitcoin was used for before it reached you, so send it to Bitcoin Laundry! Make sure your privacy is secure by using a mixer regularly as a part of your online security routine.

How it works

You keep hearing that a bitcoin mixer is one of the most important steps you can take to keep your personal crypto transactions private and secure, but how exactly does it work, and why do you need it?
Bitcoin's blockchain is an open ledger, which means that with the right address information you can see the transaction activity of any wallet. With some persistence and resources, blockchain analysis can trace patterns of activities between wallets and eventually follow the Bitcoin to exchange wallets that are verified with the users identity details.
Many people don't feel comfortable with their financial information being so publicly available, and that's where a bitcoin tumbler like Bitcoin Laundry comes in. When you send your coins through a mixer, you effectively break the patterns that blockchain analysis uses to follow bitcoin. Before you mix, your bitcoin funds are located in a wallet that has a transaction history that may be traceable back to you. You send them to a wallet that belongs to us, creating a blockchain dead-end for anyone who is looking. Then when we receive your coins, we make a transaction (or even better, several transactions in different amounts) that originates from other bitcoin laundry wallets, to the new wallet or wallets of your choice. If you use completely fresh wallets to receive your clean coins, there's virtually no way to connect the old web of transactions to the new wallets. You can recover your peace of mind knowing that you are not leaving personal information in the open for hackers or other bad actors who may have an interest in collecting personal data.