We've upgraded!
Bitcoin Laundry is happy to announce that we have completed a comprehensive overhaul of our security systems to offer you the best protection. We are very excited about these changes, and our bitcoin tumbler remains at your service for fast, reliable, and completely anonymous bitcoin mixing.

What is the purpose of these upgrades?
Bitcoin Laundry processes many bitcoin transactions through our wallets every day, so we could be considered a prime target for hackers and others. Therefore, we take a highly active approach to regularly testing our system and addressing weaknesses before they become a problem, so you can use our system with confidence and trust. These recent upgrades ensure that our bitcoin mixing service remains online and impervious to hackers. We want your mixing activity to remain as secure as possible, so we're always looking for new ways to improve our security operations and protocols. The more protected we are, the more protected you are.

Bitcoin Laundry safeguards for users

We make sure that our users never compromise their identity by using our service. As you know, our bitcoin tumbler does not require registration or collect any user details. We identify your mix only by your unique Session ID, which can be manually deleted from our servers immediately after your mix, or automatically deletes itself after one week. Our blog updates also include valuable information about personal online security practices that will benefit you beyond just the use of a bitcoin mixer, such as using the tor network in combination with a vpn when you want to conduct private activity online.
Remember, the time to tighten your online security is before you have any problem, so we advise that you regularly check your activity for anything that might leave your identity more exposed than you would prefer.

Thanks for using Bitcoin Laundry!