Your team at Bitcoin Laundry is happy to announce that we are now a donation-based bitcoin tumbler service and we will no longer charge a service fee to mix your bitcoin. All you pay is .0002 BTC per payout address, to cover transaction costs. At Bitcoin Laundry, we believe that it's important for everyone to protect their financial assets online, and we help bitcoin users keep their personal identities private by providing fast, reliable, low-cost bitcoin mixing.
Now, we are excited to make our service even more affordable by setting our service fee to 0% and shifting our business to a donation-based model. Mix your bitcoins with us and pay transaction fees of only .0002 BTC per payout address, and enjoy the same mixing service for less! This shift in our fee structure is motivated by our desire to make our services as accessible as possible, and our loyal base, who have shown they are willing to support our service to make it cheaper for everyone. Thank you.

Compare With Other Mixers

0.5% of your mix plus .002 BTC per payout address
0.5% of your mix plus .0001 BTC per payout address
0.4 - 4% of your mix plus .0005 BTC per payout address
5% of your mix plus .00015 BTC per payout address

As you can see, our fees compare favorably with most other mixers on the market-- almost every other mixer online today charges a percentage of your payment to mix your coins. Paying a percentage just to mix your coins can really get expensive fast, especially if you're mixing large amounts. Why would you do that when you can mix with us? If you can afford it, we always appreciate the user donations from our loyal customers that keep us online, but the benefit is that we can offer our service for the lowest possible price.

Benefits Of Mixing With Bitcoin Laundry
Our low price isn't the only benefit of using our bitcoin mixing service. When you start a mix with us, you can be sure that our committed and attentive support team will be available and responsive if you have questions about the process or need help getting started. We also offer a clean and intuitive user interface. Even if you've never used a bitcoin tumbler before, you'll feel right at home with us. We're proud to offer customizable security features such as multiple addresses, adjustable distribution of payouts, and optional delays to make your mixes with us as secure as possible.

We think everyone is entitled to protect their privacy, and it shouldn't be expensive or difficult to do so. By making our service as widely available, inexpensive, and easy to use as possible, we hope that we can do our part in making sure Bitcoin has a secure future as a currency and asset.

While there are many bitcoin mixers on the market, we pride ourselves on our helpful features and commitment to user experience. Thank you for making this change possible and thanks for mixing with Bitcoin Laundry!